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Bike Rentals in Coimbatore


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Tripti Padukone
I was looking for bike rentals & a friend recommended the Sukuto. Absolutely loved the easy booking process. A brilliant bike that gave us good mileage! Highly recommended.
Rented Vespa for 2 days in July '20
Ankit Singh
We booked our rental Yamaha R15 a day before on Sukuto. The pickup place in Wakad was easy to find. The bike was as good as new :) Would recommend it to my friends.
Rented Yamaha R15 in Sept '20
Deepak Sahu
Himachal on an Enfield has always been my dream. I booked my bike on Sukuto and picked it up from Mall Road. Had no issues with the bike and everything was so easy!
Rented Classic 350 in Oct ’20

Bike Rentals in Coimbatore

Average Rating - 5.0

Coimbatore is also known as Kovai, is a city in Tamil Nadu. This is one of the third-largest city in the state. Coimbatore is also termed as the ‘Manchester of South India’. This place has everything to make it a place to visit. You will find ancient temples, waterfalls, natural beauty, and everything. You can come here for a vacation and enjoy the time with your loved ones. We all enjoy sitting in nature, enjoying the view of the mountains, valleys, waterfalls, and the exotic view of the city.

Sukuto is an online bike rental company that helps you make your trip more comfortable and fun. The hassle-free booking and minimum-security deposit is something that is mostly liked by our customers. Our main aim is to make your trip easier and with fewer tensions. We only want you to enjoy your time and make it more comforting for you.

There are various places in Coimbatore where you can go without any tension. Just rent a bike from Sukuto and you are all set.

Bike on rent in Coimbatore

Coimbatore, a city full of temples and trekking trails. Camping and trekking is something that has made the place so much fun for a vacation. People visit the famous temples here and also enjoy the spectacular view of the place. If you want to visit all these temples, enjoy the waterfalls, and explore other places in Coimbatore, then you surely need a vehicle for this. Booking cabs for every single visit is very tough. So, the best option is to rent a bike for traveling from one place to another.

Sukuto is one online platform where you can easily hire or rent two-wheelers as you plan a trip. Not only it makes your trip comforting but also there is so much that Sukuto offers you. They provide you with the lowest rate of renting a two-wheeler. This way you enjoy your trip and explore every spot in Coimbatore. Booking those taxis at such high rates is very expensive. But, if you have a vehicle with you, you are away from all these hassles. Taking a two-wheeler on rent is one of the best solutions if going on a trip or a vacation.

Rent a bike in Coimbatore

Planning to make a memorable trip to Coimbatore and enjoying the spectacular views of the place? Why not thinking of renting a two-wheeler for traveling from one spot to another. Moving on a two-wheeler with amazing views and enjoying the cool breeze passing by you is a mesmerizing experience. The best part of renting a two-wheeler is that it’s cheap and affordable. Sukuto provides you with the cheapest two-wheeler on rent to make your trip more comfortable and easier. We provide you with the best quality two-wheelers to make your trip more exciting.

We provide two-wheelers on rent in multiple areas in Coimbatore like Coonoor, Chavakkad Beach, Siruvani, Gandhipuram, Kuniyamuthur, Pollachi, Anaimalai Hills, Palani, etc.

You can put up on the search box in google “best bike rentals in Coimbatore” to search about the best bike rentals in the place.

Find bike rentals in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is full of diverse places to stop by. From temples to waterfalls, Coimbatore is one of the places where you feel calm and peaceful. So, Sukuto provides its best facilities to its customers. There are a variety of factors like attraction, accommodation, ratings from its travelers to get the best bike rentals at affordable prices.

One faces many challenges to book a cab, Sukuto makes it easier for you by providing the facility of renting a two-wheeler. Renting a bike on a trip gives you the option to create memorable moments and add some fun experiences to take home with you.

You can easily rent the bike you want out of the options available like Honda Activa, Yamaha R15, Royal Enfield Bullet, and others at cheap prices for your trip on an hourly, weekly, monthly basis. It is checked by our technicians’ team that the bikes provided to our customers are good to go on a long route and would not be a problem for them on their trip. If you want to save money, then you must visit the website for the best bike rentals in the place you are planning to visit. Sukuto searches for best deal of online bike rentals on hundred of websites to help you get the best bike on rent and that too at affordable prices.

If you are looking up to rent a bike at the Airport or your hotel, we provide you bikes as per your location choice. You can also check out cheap scooty rentals on the website of Sukuto and compare the discounts and then choose which deal you want to crack.

Hire a bike in Coimbatore

Taxis and four-wheelers are a good option but what experience bikes give you is unparalleled. Two-wheelers also keep you away from the traffic jam and you also reach your destination early.

Hiring a bike that is affordable can save you from the extra cost and help you save up on your budget as well. Enjoy the views, visit the temple, experience the cool breeze blasting through your hair, and making a sound to your ears. All this would surely be very exciting and fun on a bike only.

Our experts at Sukuto ensure to make your ride safer and comfortable. Taking a cab can be expensive and can shake your, Sukuto has come up with something that can be budget-friendly. We provide various exciting offers and discounts to make your experience more enjoyable and easier on the pocket.

So, get your phone or laptop and check out the best deal to rent a bike in Coimbatore. You can choose your favorite bike while booking a two-wheeler on rent from the options available. We provide two-wheelers on rent with minimum verification steps, a simple pick up and drop. Sukuto is a customer-friendly and progressive bike rental service in India. We understand your excitement for exploring the place, clicking pictures, buying the famous items, and enjoying the tasty food here, so we have a flexible schedule for our customers to make it the best experience for them. You will be happy to make this wonderful decision of renting a two-wheeler from Sukuto as we will try our level best to make your trip an exciting and fun trip.

Why Sukuto for bike rentals

1. Multiple Varieties of two-wheelers

Sukuto is one of those online websites which provide to-wheelers on rent. But, Sukuto also offers you various options of two-wheelers to choose from. You can choose your favorite to-wheeler, whichever you want from the options available. It becomes comfortable for you to choose from those options and makes your trip hassle-free.

Sukuto provides quality bikes for rent because their main motive is to give quality bikes so that you can go on long trips without any tension of bike repair or any such issues.

2. Easy Services

The services at Sukuto are very exclusive. It is a customer-friendly platform that helps you search for a two-wheeler on rent for an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. They listen and understand the needs of the customers and try to fulfill those requirements. It is very easy to hire a bike or any to-wheeler using the website of Sukuto. They only require your ID Proofs and some personal details. With minimal procedures, they provide you with the best services and best two-wheelers to enjoy your trip.

3. Safe Trips

Another aim of Sukuto is to ensure that your trip is safe. So, their team of technicians checks with the two-wheelers before handing it to you. They ensure that the vehicle they are giving you is maintained and is suitable to go for a long tour. As in the time of the pandemic, they also sanitize all the two-wheelers before every trip. We also provide you with helmets and other safety guard measures needed for your safety.

4. Affordable Security Deposits

We ensure that the bike rental service is easy on the pocket and not too costly to our customers. We provide various offers and discounts as you book your bike. The security deposits are also pocket friendly. It depends on your trip and the number of days or hours you are booking the two-wheeler for.

5. 24/7 Assistance

Sukuto is a website where you get 24x7 assistance. As you check on the website there is a chat option by which you get 24x7 help whenever needed. Our team of experts is always available for you in times of emergency i.e., bike breakdown, mechanical failure, or any other issue related to the bike. Feel free to contact us, we are always there to help you in your difficult times.

6. Minimum Verification Steps

Sukuto has minimal verification steps ass you book your two-wheeler on rent with them. They are not only less costly and hassle-free but also have very few steps for verification. They only require your original ID’S and some personal details and you are good to go. These less verification steps make it faster for you to hire a two-wheeler for your trip. All this makes Sukuto one of the best online platforms providing bikes on rent.

7. Hassle free-ownership

The excitement of traveling on a bike and enjoying your trip is on a different level. But, if you also get to know that renting a two-wheeler is hassle-free and you need not worry about anything, then it is like a cherry on top. You do not have to do a lot of paperwork, heavy down-payments or anything like this. You can now book your bike for rent on a monthly or even daily basis.


Is there a provision in which I can book a one-way bike for rent?
Yes, you can book a one-way bike on rent as we want to provide our best services and feel that freedom is very important for our customers. Online rental companies charge you a one-way fee to negotiate the cost of returning the bike to the original location. At Sukuto, we provide you with a one-way rental bike service with minimum or no drop charge at all.

What all documents are needed for booking a bike on rent with Sukuto?
For booking a bike for rent with Sukuto you only need to provide your original Driving License and any original ID proof at the end of your booking.

Can I make my payment through a debit card?
Yes, there are various modes of payment available like debit/credit card or e-wallets like Paytm or Google pay.

Do I get a choice of two-wheelers at the time of booking?
There are various choices available out of which you can choose which bike you want like Honda Activa, Bullet, Yamaha R15, and others. You can choose whichever two-wheeler you want from the available ones.