Published On: 16 Nov 2020 10:42 PM

Guwahati is the largest city of Assam and has a modern lifestyle. Dispur, being a part of Guwahati, is the capital of Assam. Guwahati located between the Brahmaputra River and the Shillong Plateau is a must visit location. It has various Hindu temples and is rich in wildlife. It is a gateway to Northeast India. It is the biggest amongst the seven sisters. This wonderland has a different charm and is different from the big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and others. It has a calm environment and its beauty cannot be compared to any other city. As you need a comfortable traveling experience in Guwahati, you must think of taking a bike on rent or a car on rent which would help you in traveling from one place to the other.
Below given are the reasons that make Guwahati the best lace in Northeast India:

Heart of Northeast India

Dispur being a part of Guwahati is the Capital of the city. It is a beautiful and famous place in the Northeast. There are seven sisters, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Tripura, Sikkim, Mizoram, and Meghalaya. Out of these, Assam being the biggest one.
As one talks of visiting Northeast India, Guwahati is always the first that comes to their mind. Guwahati is the one place, which connects you with other parts of Northeast India. Also, this place is rich in culture and heritage. You will find various temples and they follow their traditions full-heartedly. Rent a two-wheeler for visiting all these places of Guwahati. It would make your trip more fun and easier. The people of Assam are very loving and lead a very simple life.

Shopper’s paradise

Guwahati is the shopper’s paradise. It has various kinds of items that it can shop. From traditional clothes to artificial jewelry, this place has it all. This place is famous for its ethnic wear, artificial jewelry, silk clothes, handicraft, etc. as you look at the traditional clothes of Assam, you would surely decide to buy it once for yourself. The ethnic clothes and the beautiful patterns and color combinations are mesmerizing. As Guwahati is full of tribal people, you will find a variety of crafts here made of bamboo, wood, brass, and cane products.
You would also find a device called the Singing Bowl which is said to bring peace and calmness to one’s life. There are different other handicraft items that you will find here as you search into the markets.

Rich in tea plantations

As we all are well aware that Assam is famous for its tea plantations. Tea was originally grown in Assam and then came to other parts of the Country. Out of 10 individuals, 9 of them drink tea. So, this gives us a clear pointer of how famous and important tea is for our Country. Assam tea is very famous for its Aroma and flavor. The tea here has a different taste, color, fragrance and is very famous amongst its visitors. Whosever visits here buys the tea and enjoys the sip of it. The tea is planted on the plains here, is plucked carefully and Assam is the largest tea producing state.
Greatest place of worship:

Kamakhya Temple

As said above, Assam has various temples. Kamakhya temple is a great place of worship and is famous for the worship of Devi Sati, the wife of Lord Shiva. Devi Sati is a roop of Goddess Gauri.
After the death of Devi Sati, Lord Shiva divided her body into 51 body parts which fell in different parts of the Country.
One of her body parts, the vagina, fell in the kamagiri region of Guwahati, where a temple was built after many years.
Then, this temple was called the Kamakhya temple, named after Devi Sati also called Devi Kamakhya.
This temple has a stone in the shape of a vagina because of the history of this temple. Many devotees visit this temple with a feeling of devotion and dedication towards the Goddess.
Rich in wildlife

There are various national parks near Guwahati which shows that this wonderland is rich in wildlife. Kaziranga and Orang National Parks are a spot for wildlife here. You will spot one-horned rhinoceros, tigers, buffaloes, and many other varieties of fauna here. You can also visit the Assam Zoo where you can check out the different kinds of birds and animals. It is a Zoo cum Botanical garden.
Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is also a place where you can spot wildlife in Guwahati. As there are various places that you can check out for spotting different animals, you must take a bike or some two-wheeler on rent which would eventually help you with easy travelling.

Major Tourist attraction in Northeast India

Guwahati is a one-stop destination for its visitors. It is a major tourist attraction as it is the only way that connects you with other Northeastern states. Guwahati is considered as the Business Hub of Northeast India. The place has a historical temple and other places that make it one of the famous tourist attractions for its visitors. Its perfect location and the atmosphere of this place makes it so famous. One can also do a trek on the plain region here. This is a picturesque location where you can enjoy yourself. Also, it is so calm and relaxing to visit here if you want some time in the lap of nature.

A Profusion of restaurants and street food

Assam is famous for its restaurant and street food. It has momos, noodles, thukpa, payash, silkworms, lucchi, and various other food items. They love eating spicy foods full of flavors. Also, they love cinnamon in their cakes and other desserts. Also, Assam is famous for its pickles. As they love adding full flavors in their dishes, the same way they love pickles and are very famous for it.
As you try food in different restaurants, you will get to know the taste of the Assamese. They love eating rice as their staple dish and also love to welcome others and serve with their full heart.

Abundance of Nature

Guwahati has wildlife, greenery, plains all around. It is a beautiful experience watching tea planters collect tea leaves on those plain areas. You would really enjoy yourself sitting in nature and enjoy the cool breeze. Guwahati is surrounded by hills and a river dissects it. The weather here is neither too cold nor too hot. You enjoy it as you visit this place.

Filled with culture and heritage

Guwahati is full of culture and heritage. The people here wear a gamocha also called as gamusa. They also celebrate their festivals with full religious feelings. The people of Assam wear their traditional dresses sometimes. Their famous festival is Bihu which marks the new harvest season. They wear traditional, new dresses and prepare their traditional food on this day. There are various events held on this day. They enjoy their festivals together and in a unique and beautiful way.

Now as you are aware of the reasons why Guwahati is famous in North Eastern India….so, you must be thinking of why you have not paid a visit to this beautiful part of our country. Get yourself started on planning yourself and do not forget to plan on your vehicle and how are you going to travel to different spots in Guwahati???