Explore the Enchanting Town of Gokarna

Published On: 06 Jul 2020 09:32 PM

Hidden on the West coast of Incredible India, Gokarna is a small temple town proving it’s untapped exotics turning out to be a popular tourist destination in these afresh years. The geography of this town resembles the ear of a cow which is a moniker to the nomenclature of the town’s name; Gokarna. The town became a decadent nest for the lovers of the waves and captivating breathtaking landscapes and scenic beaut this town offers.
Once you jump aboard this beautiful small temple town, be ready for a joyride. Relax by the pristine braces, with waves washing away all your worries. For the action Jacksons, there is a provision of water sports too. If you’re looking to make peace with the one above and are in search of some clarity, the plethora of temples and religious rituals taking place around the town would embrace you in its humble sublime warmth.
We bet that this small temple town has a lot more to offer alluring you to book your tickets to Gokarna right away.

The Kudle Beach

Gokarna homes numerous scenic beaches out of which Kudle beach is a prominent one. You can spend some quality time as well as relax on the beach. Even during the peak seasons, the beach does not get overcrowded and hence the Kudle beach is perfect for you if you are looking forward to spending some private time.
The little paradise gives you a glimpse of heaven in the times of dawn and dusk. The sun turning the raging sea gold is a sight to witness.

OM Beach

Om Beach is a very acknowledged and popular beach in Gokarna which is adored by tourists. The coastline is as if sketched as the Sanskrit letter for Om, naming the beach. You can come across some magnificent views of the rocks and sandy beaches. The slow dance of the waves and hues of the sky would take your soul to a realm of calm and tranquility. The #skyphotography would be on point of this stunning background ahead of your lenses.

During sunrise and sunset, the Om beach looks mesmerizing and will surely leave you spellbound. The beach is dotted with shacks and you can chill out just the way you want.

Paradise Beach

When you’re at OM beach then don’t miss the beauty of Paradise beach. You can’t reach this beach through roads. So, walk on the rocks on OM beach or take a boat to this mesmerizing half-moon beach. It is one of the cleanest beaches in Gokarna which is famous for its hippie vibe. Most of the foreigners and hipsters are attracted by this place and stay here. People also do camping and cleaning of this beach.

Mirjan Fort

Located on the west coast of the Uttara Kannada is the Mirjan fort. The fort is known for its constructive grace and has served as the location of several battles in the past. In case you’re a newcomer, then you can reach the fort from the bus stand which is around 5 minutes away from the fort. If you’re visiting Gokarna with your family and friends then do spend some quality time here as is it one of the best hangout places in Gokarna.


The Mahadev followers and admirers should not miss out on exploring the Shiva Caves when you are in Gokarna. Even though the caves are not very large spaced, you will surely enjoy exploring the caves, just by being a bit meticulous. You can witness the hordes of bats leaving the caves if you can reach the caves at the right hour. You should remember to carry your torchlight with you while exploring the caves and also the right footwear.

Tingle Your Tastebuds

Gokarna offers gastronomic delights to everyone. You can explore numerous unique dishes that are native to the city. You should not miss out on visiting Cafe 1987 when you are in Gokarna. At the cafe, you will witness a unique atmosphere and will be spoilt with the food. The catchy interior design of the cafe will surely appeal to you. With so much offered to you, your tummy might be full but not your heart.

Tantric Shivratri

Shivratri is celebrated with a lot of reverence in Gokarna and the small temple town is full of energy during that time. The Mahadev bhakts are in haven here. Nature’s lap and chants would feel like you could enjoy the trance forever.

We can promise you that you’ll have a memorable experience if you plan your trip to Gokarna during Shivratri. You will fall in love with the vibrant music, festive vibes, rituals, and bright colors of Gokarna.

Let your wild soul soar free and experience adventure and tame of the sea. Indulge yourself in a variety of water sports being offered to you at different beaches of the town. Get ready to surf the waters or go diving. You should keep in mind that the current is strong in quite a few places and hence you should check your comfort level before you jump into the waters.

Reasons why Gokarna is better than Goa?

For all the beginners and travelers out there, Gokarna is a super affordable place. And if you’re one of those who want some “Me time” then it’s the perfect place as you won't find a lot of crowd at the tourist points. The most important part is that there are less human interaction and more nature time. Then, it’s a happy and peaceful vacation away from the chaotic life. From now, don’t consider Goa as a holiday destination only go for Gokarna. And we promise that we won’t disappoint you. Let Gokarna be the new Goa for you but with less human interaction.
Gokarna is the ideal destination for the ones who desire to relax and spend some quality time at the seashore. Feeling restless to explore the magical town of Gokarna? Then, gear up and get ready to ride now to satiate your wanderlust.