Top Destinations To Take Breath-taking Hot Air Balloon Rides In India

Published On: 16 Nov 2020 10:15 PM

Riding in a hot air balloon has always been a dream or an adventurous fantasy for tourists all around the globe. Having an exquisite experience of this huge appeal of sighting wonderful scenery, places, and country from high above all in the open air, floating in a hanging basket being carried across the open sky, like an alien ship amidst the clouds is an experience no one wants to miss. The hot air balloon ride is one of the best tourism sport that has always been popular in the western countries but now it's also gaining a lot of popularity in India where it is exercised safely and promoted widely while the tourist experience a wholesome experience of the adventures.
As we see recently, the introduction of these hot air balloon rides in India has now created excitement and curiosity among the Indians. With the increased popularity and adventure-seeking youth come to try this, so now more and more people are coming to know about it and more popular it is becoming, it is getting more chances of bagging its place as one of rising tourist recreations in the country recently. Sadly there are still only a few places in India that offer an opportunity for this ballooning experience. We are listing a few places that give the best hot-air balloon experience, adventure, and thrills as well as the joy of floating above the land and sighting the most beautiful scenes from the sky.


Ballooning at Pushkar is very common and exciting during the famous annual Pushkar fair which is known as a not-to-be-missed fun activity because of its huge popularity among the travelers here. A ride during this event comes with serene views of the sky along with watching the largest gathering of cattle and the big colorful mass of humanity all dressed up with colorful audiences which makes this one of the finest experiences of a hot air balloon ride in India.

The delight of traveling over the hot air balloon above the huge gathering at the fair including the numerous camps situated over dunes, and the sight of the beautiful holy lake below and the vision of several mesmerizing temples and holy places, which have been an important destination for pilgrimage past ages is an awe-inspiring sight. Usually, the flights are safely conducted twice during the daytime mainly at 5 in the morning or 4.30 in the evening. It is known as the major tourist attraction bringing masses to get the view at the fair.


Maharashtra is known for its elegance and pricy lifestyle so this place is very renowned and is known as an ideal gateway for Mumbaikars and the people around here. Here, hot air balloon rides which are available from Kamshet give the most amazing experience and is located at approx 100 km from Mumbai. Lonavala and its surroundings are found to offer a quaint, scenic gateway near Mumbai away from the rushes of this metro city. The 60 min rides take the tourist above 4000 km.


Bagging as one of the best adventure sports locations in India, the balloon ride at Manali is simply just incredible. All the way surging above with mesmerizing landscapes, glorious snow-capped hills, and gushing with fast-flowing river flow down gives an amazing and fascinating experience to the tourists. However here we see that these balloons are tied with very thick ropes in regards to maintaining the safety and stability of passengers on air above. This cool air expedition in the hot-air balloon is an experience that one would treasure his/her whole lifetime.


This place hosts the most amazing scenic beauty and the hot air balloon lift in Darjeeling is known approximately for 300 ft. giving the most thrilling experiences to the tourists. Here a single ride requires a minimum of 15 people making it more breathtaking. As it takes place usually between 4 PM to 6 PM the tourists can enjoy the exquisite view of sunsets above the clouds and especially between the months from October to May when the weather and visibility have seen much clearer the view is eyecatching.

Here the people can undertake ballooning at relatively many reasonable rates as Darjeeling is most popular for tourist visits from all over the globe. Like for example, a single ride here normally costs around Rs. 1500 per person which is worth the experience. So next time if you're opting for an adventure plan you trip to Darjeeling and experience all the fun and adventures by taking a ride in this exciting and awesome hot balloon ride.


The most thrilling experiences come when the hot air balloon passes over some of the most beautiful and breathtaking palaces, Havelis, buildings, and forts spread above the panoramic spread of a culturally rich city which is an amazing and incredible experience ever. So the hot air balloon rides here in Jaipur known as the 'Pink City' of India, is one of the most favorite spots of pastimes for tourists from all over India and across the globe for its rich cultural heritage and amazing views of forts built on hills.

Here the cost is a bit higher compared to other places in India. Jaipur comes with attracting lots of tourists so here on a flight can cost anything from INR 6000 to INR 12000 depending on the type of flight or the tourists meanwhile an exclusive flight may cost more than that. Nevertheless, it is one of the must-do things for a travel and breathtaking experience while visiting the most eminent capital of India’s most culturally rich state Rajasthan which behold all the awesome sights of forts, palaces, colorful bazaars giving the most breathtaking and colorful view of all at once.

So you can see that even in India you can be a witness to the most amazing experiences of the rides in the sky but somehow hot air balloon comes with some precautions and measures we need to keep in mind. Whether being the first important thing, on which hot air ballooning in India depends mostly hence one should have a bit of prior knowledge about it as we see this activity is generally organized around 5:30 am to 4:00 pm and the major reason behind this the position of the sun. At this time of the day, the sun is not overhead and is also found below the horizon at this time usually. And that is why we observe that the ground is not heated much which can cause troubles later or the wind speeds do not gather high velocities that might disbalance the basket which makes this time perfect for the engagement so we need to make sure of the weather before the trip.

Another safety aspect and conditions one must be aware of before opting for this adventure ride is that for participating in this activity a complete physical fitness and the ability for a person stand throughout that duration of the flight are indispensable and needed to be thought upon before stepping in it. The age bar is also a matter of concern as one has to be over 5 years of age, and at least 1.5 meters or 4 feet tall to get into the flight, and also this engagement is strictly forbidden for pregnant women, considering their and the unborn's safety.