Published On: 16 Nov 2020 10:45 PM

Hyderabad is also called the City of Pearls because of its expansion in the pearl industry. The pleasant weather of Hyderabad makes road trips more fun and exciting. If you are planning a solo trip, you must rent a bike for a better experience. And if it is going to be a family or friend’s trip, then why not think of taking a car on rent??? If you are looking for a break from your busy schedules, then you have reached the right place for searching where to go.

1. Kurnool

This place is a small town in Andhra Pradesh, located on the banks of the Tungabhadra river has a historical background. Also famous with the name of the gateway of Rayalaseema. If you are a nature lover, then this is surely a one-stop destination for you. This place is a home for various tourists.
Distance from Hyderabad: 230 km. (approx.)
Time to travel: 4 hr (approx.)

Places to visit in Kurnool includes:

Konda Reddy Fort: Also known as the Kurnool Fort, has a history from the time of the Vijayanagara Rulers. This fort is a beautiful one and there is a watchtower built in it that has its eye over the city.
Tungabhadra River: The Tungabhadra River is a must-visit place here. You can relax yourself sitting on the river banks and enjoy nature in your own way.
Rollapadu Bird Sanctuary: This famous Bird Sanctuary is a home for endangered species. If you are a person who enjoys themselves close to nature, you must visit this place and look over the different species of animals and birds.
Oravakallu Rock Garden: This beautiful place is a picnic spot where you can enjoy your visit. There are various caves and stones here, which reflects the history of this place. It has a lot of greenery and bushes all around which makes it a calming place.

2. Badami

Constructed using red sandstone, this place is beautifully crafted in the old times. There are four temples and an additional Jain temple at this place. It has a lovely combination of greenery and beautifully carved rocks all around it. One would surely enjoy the view of the town as they pay a visit to the fort there.
Distance from Hyderabad: 420 km. (approx.)
Time to travel: 9 hr 50 min. (approx.)

Places to visit in Badami includes:

Badami Cave Temples: There are four temples in this and the statues are made out of the rocks. One must visit this place if visiting Badami.
Agastya Lake: There are cave temples all around the lake. This lake is not used for any activities but is just being used by the local people or being saved for the future. This lake is the epitome of beauty.
Badami Fort: The hilltop view of the fort gives a perfect view of the city. There are various chambers inside it and is a historical Fort from the rulers of that period.
Aihole: This is a small village in Karnataka. It’s a place devoted to the Buddhists. There are various temples here like the Durga Temple, Gowda Temple, Lad Khan Temple, and many others.

3. Nagarjunsagar

This place is like heaven to its visitors. This is a good spot for clicking pictures. You can go for boating or other activities at the Nagarjunsagar Dam. The flowing water from the dam makes this place a beautiful one.
Distance from Hyderabad: 160 km. (approx.)
Time to travel: 3 hr 40 min. (approx.)

Places to visit in Nagarjunsagar:

Nagarjunsagar Dam: The view at this dam is so beautiful that you cannot stop yourself from visiting here. This spot is also a hydroelectricity production spot.
Nagarjunsagar Wildlife Sanctuary: This place is a home for various species of wildlife. All nature lovers will find this place to be heart-melting.

4. Adilabad 

Adilabad is a small town in Telangana. It has a combination of both Temples and Mosques. There are both cultures followed in this town, both Marathi and Telugu. If you are a nature lover and enjoy traditional things, this is the place for you!
Distance from Hyderabad: 310 km(approx.)
Time to travel: 5 hr. 55 min. (approx.)

Places to visit Adilabad:

Kunthala Waterfalls: This is the highest waterfall in the state of Telangana. You will enjoy the sound of water falling from such a great height. This waterfall is named after Shakuntala, who was in love with King Dushyant. Visit this place to know more about it.
Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary: This spot has different species of animals who live in harmony with each other. You will also spot River Kadam, a tributary of River Godawari at this reserve.

5. Hampi

Hampi has various temples and monuments built inside it. The carvings on the temple are so beautiful that it takes you to the old times. The permission for modern alterations has been restricted here, so you experience a feeling of authenticity at this place. The building has memories and history of the Vijaynagar Empire.
Distance from Hyderabad: 380 km. (approx.)
Time to travel: 9 hr. (approx.)

Places to visit in Hampi:

Virupaksha Temple: Linked to Lord Shiva also called Lord Virupaksha, this temple has a lot of devotees. The sculptures here are a reflection of religious feelings towards God and Goddesses. You must visit this place because of its religious background.
Lotus Palace: Constructed in the shape of a lotus, the palace stands true for its name. There were some swimming pools on the side of the palace for the queens. This place is a blend of the Hindu and Islamic culture.
Vithala Temple: As the king during those times was a follower of Lord Vithala, so, he built the Vithala Temple. The temple has various other small temples built inside it. This is a religious place to visit.

6. Mrugavani National Park

This place offers its visitors a beautiful view of nature and different species at one spot. Here, you will spot a combination of both flora and fauna. There is a jungle resort here which gives you an eye-catching experience with nature. So, you can have a wonderful experience with Jungle Safari here.
Distance from Hyderabad: 30 km. (approx.)
Time to travel: 55 min. (approx.)

7. Ananthagiri Hills

This place offers its visitors a beautiful view of nature and different species at one spot. Here, you will spot a combination of both flora and fauna. There is a jungle resort here which gives you an eye-catching experience with nature. So, you can have a wonderful experience with Jungle Safari here.
Distance from Hyderabad: 80 km. (approx.)
Time to travel: 2 hr. 14 min. (approx.)

Places to visit in Ananthagiri Hills:

Padmapuram Gardens: As the name says, it’s a garden, so it has a variety of flora. The visitors to the garden visit through the Araku Express Toy Train. It’s a fascinating experience to visit here.
The Borra Hills and Caves: This cave is made out of limestone. There is a small temple in the cave which is connected to Lord Shiva. Various animals come near to the cave as well. Do not miss going to this place.
Trek in the hills: Trekking to the hills is a wonderful experience as you enjoy nature, the fresh air, greenery around you…. All this can make your trek interesting and fun.

Get back to your room and pack your stuff for an exciting road trip! Think of how you would be managing your traveling, you must take a two-wheeler or car on rent for a more fun trip….