Road Trip in Assam

Published On: 16 Nov 2020 10:09 PM

The mesmerizing stretch north-east carries dozens of beautiful places that are worth visiting like for example, a weekend getaway is a fine option to visit them. So we have mentioned a list of places near Assam that can be visited mainly as day road trips.

North-East India has recently come under the spotlight as it gained a lot of exposure and popularity in the innumerable sites and travelogues which has been coming up these days related to this humble region. Most of us have a dream of doing a tour of the North-East because of its serene beauty. Presently there are more than a dozen places that one needs to look as every place is strangely beautiful to the eyes. Because the Assamese city of Guwahati is considered the most accessible of all the places it can be the next travel destination which is like a trip to 'Heaven'.So we strongly recommended planning your trips from Guwahati only.


The one thing that pops into mind after hearing the name of Kaziranga is the one-horned rhinoceros. Situated nearly 225 km away from Guwahati the main city, it can be covered in just a 4 ½ hours’ drive all covered with beautiful views of nature.

Kaziranga National park has scenic beauty all covered in greenery so for the fullest view of the area many resorts are also available here to stay for this purpose. Regarding the roads, it is comfortably made with 4 lanes and is dotted with many food joints and small restaurants or dhabas for any pit stops.


The world’s most significant river island 'Majuli' is a soothing sight to the eyes. This utterly divine adobe can be contacted from the main city Guwahati in two ways given below:-
The first is by Neematighat (Jorhat, Assam) and next by the ferry services from that spot to Majuli which takes about an hour only.

The second is via Lakhimpur (Assam), which is a bit longer due to a much longer route. Like the previous one, the first is an improved idea, so we suggest you take that route which is more comfortable for travel purposes.

We find that this island is home to the mystic river Brahmaputra which runs through the heart of Assam. Majuli can be still considered to be a virgin spot undisturbed by the modern civilization and is considered amongst the best tourist places in India and an amazing highway trip (along with a ‘river’ trip) to this mesmerizing place needs to be visited before the commercialization comes in to ruin the beauty.

Cherrapunjee via Shillong

One amazing trip that is from Guwahati to the abode of the atmosphere called 'Shillong' can be achieved only in two to three and half hours that covers approximately a distance of 100 km is like candy to our eyes. It's is all developed with their 4 lane highway to Shillong that starts from Khanapara which is a delight for drivers for a smooth drive and back-seaters alike. There's a snack food stop at Nongphu which is said as a must-visit in addition to several stalls and small restaurants on the way where we can spot sellers of delightful pineapples and locally made pickles of numerous kinds of local fruits.
As soon as we reach Shillong we should make sure that we walk around the town most of the time since it is the most suitable choice for having a good experience of the place. The road going downhill and uphill simultaneously surely makes up for the best experiences of the city for the road trips.

Also, a further increase to Cherrapunjee addresses just a distance of 53 km but once we reach the highway, we will discover the most heavenly views of nature seen ever in the lifetime. Above those bridges we meet with awesome airflow and clouds covering the above view very closely. It is mystifying to see such a heavenly place that is present just amid us. This beautiful scenery crosses the way which includes meadowlands, cliffs, forests, and some amazing waterfalls too! This kind of place is one that needs to be visited once in a lifetime!


It is mostly famous for its thrilling riverside experiences. From the main town Guwahati to the historical trade route border town of Dawki the distance is 195 km which would take approx 4 several hours to reach the place. It's a marvelous drive which covers a beautiful spread of the deep encolure ravines and is found ad an extremely thrilling experience worth visiting. The Umngot River in Dawki is an appealing beauty and is possibly known as India’s cleanest river too.

The drinking water is so clear that one can never know or observe its depth until they look very closely. The fun-filled annual boat racing also occurs on this river during the Springtime. When you’re here, you’ll automatically feel like you have been dropped straight into the natural arms and then you’d never want to let it stay behind ever.


Known as the "Social Capital of Assam", Tezpur is a beautiful small town and also an urban agglomeration situated in the Sonitpur district of Assam, India. This small town slouches with lush tea gardens all over the place. Furthermore, it is found to have endless extents of the paddy fields. It is not only found to be a cultural center but also an educational destination apart from having a rich history merged along with. Some of the must-visit places of Tezpur is the Jyoti-Bishnukhelpathar at Dadhara, which hosts several cultural occasions found here exclusively like those including dances like Bihu and Bagurumba in the crude forms and Nameri National Park, Agnigarh which is the most legendary fortresses of the Tezpur beautiful empires, The Bamuni Hills which has got the touch of the historical Gupta architectural style, Padum Pukhuri which is commonly a lotus lake with an island in it and many more beautiful sites.

Some activities which we can do in Tezpur are visiting the Cole Stop a.k.a. Chitralekha Udyan which is filled with many fun activities, picturesque beauty and ruins of Bamuni Hills is also a glimpse one must have if they step here ever. There are a few natural hillocks to sit there and muse on meanwhile the serene lakes appreciate the adventures of rowing, paddling, and other water sports activities too. While making a stop here in the lap of mother nature, nestling in the miles river stretches one should experience once in a lifetime.


Silchar which is the district headquarters of Cachar is recognized as the 'Island of Peace' along the North-Eastern side of the nation which gives an amazing view of mother nature. Mainly situated on the shores of River Barak, Silchar is seen to attracts thousands of tourists in unprecedented numbers all thanks to its natural beauty and the diversified heritage and well-improved infrastructure of the place and the popularity in the social sites because of it's a picturesque view. Being a quintessential little town, Silchar is beautiful in its majestic way. The river Barak encircles the whole town and strengthens the beauty of this beautiful small city. Since the Barak flows past this area which attracts many tourists Silchar and a few other abutting towns alongside and some villages are commonly called the Barak Valley there. Some list of the tourist attractions in Silchar is the places like ISKCON Temple, The Bhubhan Temple, Khaspur, Gandhi Bagh, Kancha Kali Temple, and Maniharan Tunnel which are frequented attracted by the people coming for road trips.
The Dolu Lake is one of Silchar's most stunning lakes found and the exhilaration of a photographer's camera. Mainly this lake holds a great value ad it's a pleasant thing to invest some quality time alone or with the family or friends and enjoy the time. There are also some big tea estates in Silchar which produce the finest tea in the vicinity of the area which is also good to visit and try the divine tastes of tea.
Our weekend list road trip list is done. Stop wasting time and get ready for a perfect weekend road trip in Assam on your favorite bikes.