Road Trip from Bangalore

Published On: 16 Nov 2020 10:08 PM

Road trips have become trendy for the younger generations in these recent times. The wanderlust has taken over the souls of many youths. The sense of freedom and an easy escape from the over-pressured reality, hitting the wild side of the road is something that's a therapeutic experience.

It's easier to travel via road, without the constraints of check-in time and seat reservations. For the people at Bangalore, the amazing weather all year round would appeal a lot of the people to explore the western ghats during the weekend.

The IT hub of India has a lot of hidden gems of places to visit during the weekend, without having to worry about delays and also cheaper than the booze parties of Friday night.

Tap your inner explorer, pack a few stuff, and off you go.

Nandi Hills

The best destination for a one day trip from Bangalore The lush green top at about 4850ft above sea level, embraced within a thick blanket of mist. This place is famous for Tipu's Summer Residence and the exquisite sunrise and sunset points are must-see. It's just 60 kilometers away from Bangalore and takes about 2 hours to reach. So a must-visit place to head out on a Friday night and enjoy the trip and return by Saturday evening and relax the Sunday.


This is one of the least explored places in Karnataka. The rustic and beautiful ruins are gaining steep popularity and are avidly visited by youths in these recent times. One of the perfect weekend gateways for corporate employees, this place lets you laze off in the untouched forests by the Cauvery River or go fishing. There are a lot of scenic places to explore and better if you take the off-road around the forest, best visited during the winter. The famous Shivasamudram Falls would also add to your moments if you could spare a few more hours and explore the area. Just a two-hour drive from Bangalore, Doddamakali would be another perfect destination for your next weekend road trip.

Hogenakkal Falls

Immensely popular as the ‘Niagara Falls of South India’, the Hogenakkal is a must-visit place for weekend gateways. The eternally flowing majestic falls offers some soul-soothing that you hardly come across. And not just that, the amazing seafood snacks would tingle your taste buds and you'd be left relishing the beautiful time you are about to embark on this place. Just about 130 kilometers from Bangalore, you could easily plan to visit this for a weekend trip.


This serene, calm, and undisturbed hill station near the Tamil Nadu, Karnataka border would be a very very eccentric choice but a genius too. Located above 1100 meters above sea level, this place has a very very pleasant climate all through the year. Scenic breathtaking views, calm and serene lakes, and such tranquility that your heart will long this place after you've just left. It’s just a three to four-hour drive from Bangalore and would treat you to amazing south Indian cuisines.

BR Hills, Karnataka

The BR Hills is a humble abode of rich biodiversity and a combination of both Eastern and the Western Ghats. It is one of the most chosen road trips from Bangalore. For the ones looking for some wild expedition, this might just be the destination. You can trek, camp under the stars amidst the lush jungle, or also be a part of a wild safari. Visit the BRT Wildlife Sanctuary if wild animals intrigue you.

This place is a goldmine for the one's who have always wished to be one with the wild. It's better to go with your friends or in a group and make the most of the trip. it's just a four-hour drive from Bangalore and you would have much fun on the road itself.

Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

If hills are your haven then you mustn't miss visiting this hill station, which is just about 200 kilometers away from Bangalore. It’s another amazing long weekend destination that you could drive to and enjoy the coffee plantations and lush green fields in this small hill town located about 1515 meters above sea level. Also, the stupendous Killiyur Falls is a sight to witness. The Yercaud Summer Festival which happens every May is also a big attraction. If you have time and are looking for a serene experience at a green-capped hill, this is a must choose destination.

Chikmagalur, Karnataka

A very beautiful hill station which is filled with green dense tropical rainforests, massive coffee estates and breathtaking views of the Western ghats, and adorable weather all year long, Chikmaglur is a must-visit place if you want a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience. It’s about five hours’ drive from Bangalore and you would love the place which homes some amazing secluded cottages where you can lit up a bonfire and be one with nature.

Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Ooty is one of the most visited tourist attractions and a bespoke hill station in India. This charming place gives you the stunning scenic sight of the Nilgiris District and the old houses churches and steam railway lines brew up those nostalgic vibes of the forgotten era. This is the best place to come for a weekend vacation. You could visit the beautiful gardens, serene lakes and just relax. A six-hour drive could never get that rewarding.

Coorg, Karnataka

Think misty hills, road amidst dense forests, very pleasant weather, and humble homestays. All this just at one single destination, Coorg. Often called the Scotland of India, the place has turned out to be one of the most loved and visited place in India. The Abbey Falls, Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, and many monasteries and enchanting sceneries that you can’t get enough of, Coorg will welcome you to one of the most extravagant trips of your life. It’s about 266 kilometers and about 5 hours of drive from Bangalore. You can check in luxury resorts or humble homestays if you want and the people are so friendly and warm that you would feel at home.

Pondicherry, Puducherry

It’s very underrated but most definitely the best beach in South India. This small town is colorful, clean, and one of the best places to take a road trip to. you would encounter a lot of ruins and forts along the way and the rocky yet peaceful beaches would be a reward for all your efforts of driving this far. The French architectures, sublime ashrams, and calm and sober people would embrace a very warm welcome. Enjoy cheap booze and great seafood and lie by the beach letting the waves take away all your worries. It’s about 300 kilometers from Bangalore, but the wide national highways would make you reach in about seven hours. You can book a cycle and pedal away visiting churches, beaches, and rock gardens around the small town and enjoy the cool serene breeze.

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

A gem of a place in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is called the 'Gift of the Forest'. A sublime hill station and one of the most chosen honeymoon destinations too. You can choose from amazing luxurious resorts to cottage homes and have a walk around the Green Valley Viewpoint or the Coakers Walk. Enjoy a lovely sunset by the Kodaikanal Lake and reminiscence the love with your partner. You could also enjoy the local breweries and coffees, the taste of which would linger long after you have left the town. This place is best for an extended weekend gateway, as it takes about 9hours by road to reach here from Bangalore.

So now you know where to plan your subsequent weekend plans. Enjoy the Western Ghats with your partner or friends or if you're wild enough, go on a solo trip and explore the untouched biodiversity our country offers.