Published On: 16 Nov 2020 10:07 PM

Different people, different colors, but one celebration happens only in Holi in India. Have you realized Holi 2021 is knocking on your doors? Wish to smell the earthy scent of gulaal floating in the air? Then, get ready with your white kurta, white shirts, and white dupattas to add colors to them. But have you ever enjoyed Holi in Pushkar?

Holi is a festival that is celebrated uniquely in the whole country and also around the world. It is celebrated as a sign of greeting spring, brotherhood, and the truth always prevails. So, get ready for an intriguing Holi in Pushkar in the year 2021.

What is special in Pushkar?

Dwelled in the central-east portion of Rajasthan is Pushkar. It is one of the most popular and sacred places in the Ajmer division. A secret that you need to know about this place is that it is close to one of the most traditional geological microliths in India. Tourists love this place for its enchanting temples, ambiance, beautiful lakes, and engaging cafes. The most important is the Pushkar Mela which is popular where you can grandly celebrate Holi 2021Every

What’s there in Pushkar’s Holi?

Pushkar Holi 2021 is one of the grandest events that can hit you like a storm. If you’re not lucky enough to witness Pushkar during the celebration of colors then don’t miss out this time in 2021. Get ready for a colorful memorable experience in the streets of Pushkar.

Read the whole article to note down the things to do in the Pushkar fair Rajasthan once in your life.

Why visit the Pushkar Mela?

Here we have listed a few reasons why you need to visit the Pushkar Mela in 2021.
Witness the elegance of Rajasthan.
Be a character of the events and contests.
Attend some live fusion band performances.
Book your stay in some old-school leisure campsites.
Observe camel dealing.
Wake up the adventurous part of yourself for some pulsating activities.

Check the Schedule of Pushkar Mela

Pushkar Mela is a five-day fair which is held for nine days from 22nd November to 30th November. This fair is inaugurated with a Harmony Marathon which starts from Dargah Shareef in Ajmer to the Brahma Temple in Pushkar on the first day. It is remarked as a great start for rejoicing the uniqueness of Rajasthan. Don’t forget to be a part of this famous fair.
When you’re at the Pushkar Mela do be a part of the Maha Aarti that takes place on the Pushkar Lake accompanied by scintillating fireworks on the High-Level Bridge.’ Timings to be a part of Pushkar Mela is 6:30 am to 9:00 pm.

List of Events

Each and every day of the Pushkar Fair is stacked with fun and enriching events that can add flavor to your adventures. Dive into the beauty of Rajasthan’s culture and make notes of all the events such that you don’t miss anything.
Day 1: Begins with Harmony Marathon, Sight of Hot Air Balloon, and listen to a famous band.
Day 2: Event named Langri Taang with foreigners, Camel decor and dance competition, and sunset safari at the rises.
Day 3: Horse hoofing, Shop at Shilpgram Handicrafts Market, and a cultural event.
Day 4: Take a walk from the Gurudwara to Mela and watch the live cultural performances.
Day 5: Lagaan form cricket, Mustache designing, kite flying, and turban tying.
Day 6: Musical chair and Matka race.
Day 7: Experience liveliness.
Day 8: Mega event, grand closing ceremony, and Camel race.

List of things to do in Pushkar Mela:

1. Shop at the Shilpgram Handicrafts Bazaar

The bazaar is designed up by the rural artisans. It is the best halt for the tourists to purchase souvenirs and do capture memorable pictures from the fair. Don’t forget to buy some handcrafted jewelry, classic paintings, and leather items.

2. Get Ready for an Adventure Trip

Have you ever witnessed a hot air balloon hovering high in the sky? Well, if not then Pushkar is the right destination for you. Also, enjoy quad biking, paramotoring, and camel ride with the warmth of the beautiful desert. Do explore the Pushkar Camel Fair 2021. Here, the activities are priced from INR 4, 000 to INR 18,000 which is quite reasonable. So, don’t miss out on some real fun.

3. Participate In The Photography Contest

For all the photographers out there, gear up! It is the right time for you to show off your skill and win some exciting prizes. Make a list of all the events and capture glimpses for your travel blog. When you’re in the Pushkar Mela participate in the ‘Frame The Fair’ which is directed by Rajasthan Tourism.

4. Be A Part Of Fun-Filled Races

There are some unique competitions like the Matka Race, Mustache Contest, and Bride and Groom race, and a lot more happens here. Other than this you can witness from a distance and make videos of this memorable day.

5. Taste some Local Delicacies

You might find everything a bit expensive and fancy but it is worth trying. Especially the Pushkar’s special Dal Bhaati Churma is one of the best local delicacies. Take a stroll on the streets of Pushkar and do treat your taste buds with some delicious recipes that you can relish.


Become a globetrotter for a day

Do rejoice in the festival of colors with your family and friends from around the world. During Holi, the place is filled up to the brim with visitors and travelers from across different parts of the world. Every year tourists visit this place especially on the occasion of Holi. The streets of Pushkar are lined up with cafes, restaurants, shops, pakoda stalls, and dessert corners.

Party time

For all the party animals out there, Holi in Pushkar is the best time to start partying. The party starts at 10 am in the morning till 5 pm. The whole town square is converted into a club for the people.

A party without alcohol is incomplete. But music is there so don’t worry. Rock the dance floor on some electrifying DJ songs, let your dresses get colored and splash fistfuls on everyone. The sight is quite electrifying. So, don’t miss it. Forget about the outside world and just keep partying. Skip Sunburn and be a part of Pushkar’s Holi in 2021.


Don’t be upset as there’s no alcohol. But you’ll get ‘Bhaang wali Lassi ’ to keep you trippy and in the mood. ‘Bhaang’ is a local drink that is prepared by brewing cannabis extracts into a glass of lassi or thandai. On the occasion of Holi Bhaang is available everywhere around the town in the bounty.

Heard of Kapda faad Holi? Umm… then experience it in Pushkar!

You can find thousands of torn t-shirts hanging on ropes or lying on the roads. And children in multi-colored faces children playing all around. Newcomers dance on rooftops with their group and gulaal sprays continue shower colors on the crowd. In the evening, local eateries arrange some snacks that you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t forget to capture a glimpse of Holi 2021 and frame it for a lifetime.

So, these all were our suggestions for Holi 2021 in Pushkar. Do read them and make notes for a special Holi this year. Also, take hundreds of selfies and videos and upload them on Instagram and Facebook and flaunt them. Let the festival of colors be more colorful and fun-filled this year!